Keto411 is an effort to collect and archive data from ketogenic diet providers and users for the purpose of enhancing health outcomes.

Keto411 is a collaboration between researchers, clinicians, nutritionists, dietitians, and ketogenic diet advocates interested in increasing the effectiveness of ketogenic diets for therapeutic use. This effort allows contributors to have their data manually redacted of any patient names and added to a secure, open-source repository. Participants will then gain free access to all of the repository's data and the analytical tools to compare outcomes, protocols, demographics, etc. in an effort to test hypothesis, design studies, enhance protocols, and help find out not only what is working and what isn't working, but why. Participants will also have the ability to publish findings in a planned, peer-reviewed, monthly science journal. In the initiative's next phase, therapeutic ketogenic diet users will get the opportunity to add their data directly to the repository and compare their diets and results to ketogenic diet users with similar conditions.

How Keto411 Works